"Money Magnet" Abundance Program

Using the SCIO, our advanced quantum biofeedback system, we will include your name as part of a distant therapy ("wireless") group session that is performed once a week for one hour. This protocol has been specifically designed to assist in removing blockages relating to the flow of money and wealth. It is our natural right to experience abundance as part of the flow of life, and this protocol helps to magnify our intention, creating a magnetic forcefield to attract more health and wealth into our experience.

When you sign up, you will receive affirmations to assist with your positive focus.


Payments can be made below, using Paypal.

Our Rates:

Monthly fee (4 sessions): $25

Customized individual 90-minute session: $150

"Abundance is here now! Live in it until you see its rich manifestation all around you."
- E.V. Ingraham

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