Quantum Biofeedback (SCIO) Rates and Packages

Many balancing therapies are available with the SCIO system. All sessions are tailored specifically for you.

General health - basics for body, mind, and spirit:

First two-hour intake session (includes consultation): $200
Depending upon your goals, this can be combined with our in-depth holistic nutritional consultation

Each subsequent 1-hour session: $100

Five-session package (total 6 hours): $500

These general SCIO sessions help to determine the stressors on your body, whether they be physical (such as nutritional deficiencies), mental or emotional, and the sessions include, for example: (these are modified according to your concerns and interests):

- Review of mineral and vitamin panel, and overall nutrition
- The top, most reactive issues
- The most reactive emotional patterns - and therapies to help balance these
- Detection and removal of energetic blockages within the body
- Detection and removal of energetic blockages in the energy field
- The top therapies recommended by the device in response to the scan
- Therapies for managing stress and reducing pain

Note that any sessions subsequent to the the intial intake are tailored to your specific needs based on what is revealed in the first session.

Specific stand-alone therapies:

Anxiety therapy session (1.5 hours): $150

Includes SCIO therapies such as:
- Vagus, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system balancing
- Specific therapies for anxiety
- Muscle relaxation therapies
- Reverse psychic pain
- Build self-confidence
- Other beneficial therapies chosen in response to consultation with you

Balancing of emotions (1.5 hours): $150

Includes SCIO therapies such as:
- Balance of overall emotions
- Therapies for specific emotions chosen by the EPFX system in response to your own energetic field
- Clearing of your energy field
- Reverse psychic pain
- Unconscious Reactivity (clearing of past traumas that are still affecting you on a cellular level)

Spiritual Alignment session (1.5 hours): $150

Includes EPFX/SCIO therapies such as:
- aura cleansing
- chakra balancing
- release psychic attack or oppression
- release psychic pain
- help to clear energetic disturbances or blockages
- Ascension Stimulation
- Higher Purpose Alignment
- Dissipate Karma
- other therapies for emotional balancing

Package of four of any of the above: $500 (save $100)

House clearing (distant session, one hour): $100

All therapies listed above can be offered at a distance using subspace at a price of $100 per hour.

More about our distant energy therapies

No claims are made of the SCIO system or its results and nothing that the SCIO Practitioner does diagnoses or treats any illness or disease nor does it replace any other treatment. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. Please also consult your family medical doctor before undertaking any health program.

"Energy maintains you;
you don't maintain energy."
- Kenneth G. Mills

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