David Kennet holds Sound Healing events in the Santa Barbara area. E-mail him to find out about the next event.

Sound Healing by David Kennet

Throughout ancient times and many cultures, sound and music have been used in a powerful way to heal the body and uplift the spirit.

In September I flew to Seattle where five intense, exciting days were spent learning and experiencing Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon. Tom has a background of over 30 years' experience as a musician, sound healer, psychotherapist, and brain researcher.

His perspective on the effect of sound on the brain is unique and inspiring. In 1983 he started The Acoustic Brain Research Foundation (ABR), which is an organization studying the effect of sound and music on the brain. At the very core of our existence we are vibrating. Physicists have discovered that at a subatomic level our atoms are "singing".

On February 25th I will be offering a Sound Healing Ceremony. You will hear a crystal bowl, drum, and Tibetan tingsha, as well as my voice. Please join me on an exciting journey, and experience the wonder of sound!

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"You yourself, as much as
anybody in the entire
universe, deserve your
love and affection."
- Buddha

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