Quantum Biofeedback FAQ

Quantum Biofeedback FAQ

How long does a session take?
The first session is two hours long. Additional sessions are one hour each.

How many sessions will I need?
That depends upon 1) what your goals are and 2) what is found in the first session. Many people feel a difference even after one session (and gain information about stressors such as nutritional imbalances). Generally we recommend a minimum of 5 sessions in order to help to balance and/or detoxify the body. Your good health depends upon your willingness to change eating habits and/or lifestyle if necessary. The therapist, client and EPFX/SCIO system all work together.

Do I have to remove my clothes?
No. Just remove your watch so it doesn't interfere with the scan.

How am I attached to the system?
There are comfortable straps that attach to your ankles, wrists and forehead.

Will I feel anything during the session, like an electric current? Will it hurt?
No; it won't hurt. Most people don't feel anything from the scan or therapies (other than stress reduction!). Occasionally a very sensitive individual will feel a slight tingling sensation.

I've heard of "distant therapy". Does this work with the SCIO/EPFX?
Yes, it works very well. We have had very good responses from clients who have been tested and received therapies in this way.

How can distant therapy possibly work? I don't understand.
It's always best to have someone attached to the system whenever possible. How can it work at a distance (we call it "subspace")? With your full name, date and place of birth and your permission, the system can "connect" with you very effectively. Everything has its own unique resonant frequency. Think of a cell phone. It is not connected with wires, and yet it rings when the correct number is dialed. On the level of quantum physics, in actuality there is no division or distance; everything is already "connected". Reiki and other forms of energy therapy also work in this way. The power of intention also plays a great role in this regard.

I'd like to bring my child, but he will never sit still long enough. What should I do?
You can either bring him or her in for a shorter session (for what we call the calibration and test period) and then you can leave while we continue to work on him via "subspace", or we can do the entire session via subspace and telephone you before and after the session to discuss the test and therapies.

"What we have called matter
is energy, whose vibration
has been so lowered as to
be perceptible to the senses.
There is no matter."
- Einstein

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