Reiki Massage

This full body massage provides a Swedish-style approach while utilizing Reiki to rebalance your chakras. This relaxing and spiritually rejuvenating experience includes elements of Shiatsu, reflexology, and cranial (head) massage. Vital areas such as the spine, joints and the lymphatic system are focused upon, providing pain relief, a sense of well-being, and re-establishing a foundation for further healing. The massage is intertwined with moments of stillness utilizing Reiki. Readjusting the body's bioenergetic system as well as releasing toxins, this therapy supports your realignment and well-being. Hot towels are used to remove the massage cream from your body. There is also a shower available for use before and/or after the session.

Our Rates:

One-hour session: $100

Ninety-minute session: $130

"Energy maintains you;
you don't maintain energy."
- Kenneth G. Mills

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