Sound Therapy

Throughout ancient times and many cultures, sound and music have been used in a powerful way to heal the body and uplift the spirit.

David Kennet's vocal experience stems from 12 years of singing and performing with the Star-Scape Singers under the tutelage of Kenneth George Mills. More recently he studied Sound Healing with teacher and healer Tom Kenyon. Tom has a background of over 30 years' experience as a musician, sound healer, psychotherapist, and brain researcher.

Kenyon's scientific perspective on the effect of sound on the brain is unique and inspiring. In 1983 he started The Acoustic Brain Research Foundation (ABR), which is an organization studying the effect of sound and music on the brain. At the very core of our existence we are vibrating. Physicists have discovered that at a subatomic level our atoms are "singing".

David offers one-on-one Sound Healing sessions using voice and/or singing bowls, Tibetan tingsha (cymbals), tuning forks (tuned to the ancient solfeggio scale) and drum.

30-45 minute session: $65

"The purpose of music is
to reveal to men and women
their innate at-onement
with a harmonic state
of Being."
- Kenneth G. Mills

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