Dear David,

Thank you for the health assistance that you have provided to me over the past few years. Much of what you are doing is very subtle but the benefits are noticeable.

When I first came to you, blotches were forming on my skin, particularly on the inside of the forearms. One visit to you for dietary advice and frequency rebalancing resolved that problem. Much appreciated.
- John Arciuch


The first allergy treatment I received from David Kennet covered 5 foods and 2 emotions. The most important item that was addressed was sunflower seeds. I have a very low tolerance for sunflower seeds and would react to them with a swollen face and itchy rashes on all of my lymph nodes, as well as difficulty breathing. This would last for 6 hours and take about 2 days to completely go away.

A few days after my visit with David I was at a potluck. There was a plate of delicious home made crackers on the table, of which I ate at least a dozen. Once I had finished eating I realized that the main ingredient was sunflower seeds. At no time during the evening did I experience any of the usual discomforts or allergic reactions. This is a very pleasant change for me because sunflower seeds are a common ingredient in the types of food I like to eat, and now I can enjoy my food without having to worry about reacting to it. Thank you David!
- Anthony Clark


I started the Money Magnet Program in the spring of 2010. My interior design business had slowed considerably prior to that due to the recession. After a month on the program, I got a small project with a nice couple, but I could tell it would be very difficult to sell them high-end furnishings...not exactly the type of project I wanted. Nonetheless, I was grateful.

What happened the following month was really unexpected. The small project never got off the ground and I was dismissed by the nice couple. A huge project, however, landed in my lap with an old client. I finished that project in December 2010. Another great result was that I had no costly "mistakes" happen so that my profit margins were the highest I've experienced.

The program is appropriately called a "magnet"...it's not just about attracting money, but attracting the best possible work, people and circumstances surrounding the flow of money.
- Suzana Palaic, Santa Monica

I have been part of the abundance program for a number of months now. Even though I've been in transition job-wise and haven't been working as I plan to open my own business, these are some of the ways abundance has manifested in my life since I started: gifts of money (and I mean at least four gifts and some of them thousands of dollars), the gift of a car, finding an incredible apartment at an amazing price, furniture that "fell into my lap" from family and through kijiji, and more! I thoroughly recommend this abundance program, including the 40-day prosperity plan. Abundance continues to manifest for me in the way of gifts, money and opportunities!
- Meg MacQueen

I am a professional builder/contractor based in the Caribbean. Due to the economic situation in the world, it seemed that many of my potential clients made the decision that this is not a good time have their dream home built. Over a period of several months it didn't appear that any new work was coming my way. Within two weeks of signing onto the "Money Magnet" program, two major pending projects suddenly overcame their hurdles and opened up! I made it through the year without laying off any staff and it continues to expand. I am grateful to Vibrancy for providing a positive focus which enabled my situation to drastically change within a very short time.
- Ken Brown


I was referred to David by a teacher of mine when I was learning a new trade in the wellness industry; I had lots of aches & pains in my legs and other areas in my body. I was also very stressed from life pressure and was a bit discouraged. After my first session with Vibrancy, I felt so much better. I had a few more sessions and the aches and pains disappeared and my mind was clearer. I would definitely recommend Vibrancy for all the help they provided for me. Feel free to contact me to verify this testimonial.
- Michele Cartin


David is a gifted masseur. His ability to incorprate massage, energy rebalancing and chakra work provides the client with an exceptionaly relaxing and grounding experience. He is very intuitive and ensures the session provides the client with maximum benefit.
- John W.


Thank-you so much for all the distant healing modalities that you did for me before and after the surgery. I have no doubt that what you have done has helped me in many ways to recover. It is a blessing to know two extremely clear and gifted healers.
- Dianne O.


My name is Ross McLean. I'm a Toronto based General Contractor. I heard about the exciting groundbreaking technique that David and Meg were practicing and I spoke to David about sleeping disorders and nightmares I was experiencing and he recommended a session with the "vibe" machine. The positive effect was immediate and long lasting. It was months ago that I had the session with David and I have had no disturbances since then.I feel that David and Meg have a genuine vision of the efficacy of Spiritual healing and are able to share their practices in an intelligent and sensitive manner.They're really on to something great!
- Ross McLean.

"Energy maintains you; you don't maintain energy."
- Kenneth G. Mills

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